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Thermography Training

Thermography sees the person, not the inside of the person. The patterns reveal, via the sympathetic system and it's fibers that connect with the skin, the functional dynamics that are not visible or measurable any other way.

Training Thermal Imaging
Initial Thermography Training

Technical and TotalVision software training is provided with our system.
Initial Thermography Training includes but is not limited to:
  • Physiology as it relates to thermography
  • Protocols
  • Clinic Set-up
  • Software function
  • Imaging Protocols
  • Hands-on patient imaging

Providing thermography services to a patient requires a team and the process
begins with the thermographer and good imaging technique is critical.

Pattern Recognition Training Online

Pattern Recognition Training is designed to better understand the patterns and temperature data presented in the reports.

What can Pattern Recognition Training add to the decision for treatment choices or recommendations?

Even though official interpretations, provided by trained M.D.'s, are available, you will have a better understanding of the results to assist in providing insightful and patient specific care.

Pattern Recognition Training includes the following modules:
  • Breast Module
    Two hour presentation on the thermal physiology of the breast and chest, expected findings, thermal indications and recognizable patterns related to metabolic and hormonal activity, fibrocystic changes and angiogenesis. Also includes primary and secondary factors of thermal patterns with examples and case studies
  • Visceral Module
    1.5 hour presentation on clinical observations of thermal patterns on the skin with a review of Thermal Maps as they relate to visceral function and referred pain with examples and case studies.
  • Head and Neck Module
    2 hour presentation on clinical observations of thermal patterns related to head and neck, including carotid artery, TMJ, sinus, dental and thyroid patterns with examples and case studies.
  • Musculo-Skeletal Module
    1.5 hour presentation on clinical observations of thermal patterns related to the MS back plus upper and lower extremities including examples and case studies.
Pattern Recognition Training is mandatory and included in our service contract or can be purchased separately.

IAMT Certification

IAMTAs there is no formal governing body for medical thermography at this time, each association must govern
itself and provide its own certification program. The value of the certification is determined by the content
and professional requirements. Unlike some associations that give out a “certification” for attending an initial thermographer’s course, the Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermology requires a minimum number of industry acceptable studies, personal attendance at a certification conference and a passing score on a certification test.
If a thermographer is certified by the IAMT, a referring practitioner can be confident of a well trained and professional thermographer.

Bottom line: Quality training can be even more valuable than the camera itself.


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